06 April 2015

Butterflies vanquished

Sometime during last summer, I was asked by my friend Oli, if I would make her two seat pads for her settee.  It's leather and strikes cold during winter.  I did try to dissuade her, as I'm pretty sure they would slip about all over the place.  But she was insistent.

She chose this pattern from a selection I made for her, and oh how I have grown to hate these butterflies


She wanted them making in a colour of provencal lavendar fields, which would not be my first choice of colours to be honest. It seems such an old fashioned colour scheme - it makes me think of grannies, lavendar water, and zip-up slippers.  But I have tried my best to  keep it modern and fresh looking, whilst staying true to the colours

This was a project that always found it's way to the bottom of the pile. but finally after about 6 months, I could breath a sigh of relief as I  had the two tops pieced, together with the small table mat that she asked for.  

As these are going to spend their time under peoples bottoms, there are going to need to be pretty sturdy and stable, so I thought  a simple stipple would be the best idea.
To keep the costs down, I used an old quilt cover for the backing.  I thought it went  perfectly, but it was a bit of a headache to quilt, as it didn't glide very well over the table of my sewing machine.  I guess this is because it's been washed several times, and the fabric has lost it shininess.

It's getting very last minute, but these two quilts will be my second and third finish for the Q1 FAL hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side, but as I can oly claim one per post, I'm going to have to do a little jiggery pokery!.  I have also got the table mat to show and claim, so that will have to be in a separate post.

2015 Finish-Along


  1. They are beautiful and I am sure your friend will love it!

  2. Hallo Dianne,
    rada navstevuji Tvuj blog. Pises zajimave prispevky.
    Tentokrat me nadchl ten quilt s motylkama. Barvy latek ze kterych jsi sila se mi moc libi.
    Happy Quilting!
    Jana z Hamburku

  3. She's going to be so happy! You've created something beautiful for your friend. I really like what you did with the lavender/green color theme.