11 January 2015

It's good to have a plan

A few years ago, when we were skiing in Steamboat, we had a real hunk of a skiing instructor who was ex Navy Seals and had the sexiest, gravelly Texan drawl you could imagine.  His favourite saying was "It's good to have a plan" .  My friend Jenn and I were happy to go along with anything he said!

Anyway, back to the plan.  I have plan.  It's different to the one I had a couple of days ago (I was going to take my quilty stitches cross stitch with me on holiday), but it's a good one!

A couple of months ago I signed up to the Rainbow Charm swap organised by Cindy and Irini.  I had almost forgotten about it, but the other day a colourful little package arrived full of pretty charm squares.

So what to do with them?  I wanted a specific project that I could use them on, and I also needed a project for my forthcoming travels, and a plan was forming in my little mind.

I've always wanted to make this quilt from Tacha Bruecher's  book Hexa go-go

I also received a lovely "extra " gift of some hexie templates from Tina (@mrsrosey90) in the Little Quilts Swap.

Bingo! x + y = z.  I have a plan!

It won't be exactly the same as Tascha's pattern -the diamonds will be smaller, in each of the rainbow colours, sashed with a low volume/textie print.  So now I'm busily cutting 2 1/2" squares  and basting them before we go off on holiday on Friday.

Oh, but it's good to have a plan.

09 January 2015

New Year's anticipation

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I don't know about you, but I always start the year full of anticipation .. what will this year bring? Hopefully lots of good things for family & friends, good weather, great holidays, a good year in the garden, and of course lots of sewing!   Already we have a holiday booked (only a week away now), a 60th birthday re-union at Centre Parcs, a weekend sewing retreat in Switzerland, and hopefully lots of visits from family and friends.

I am anticipating a happy years sewing, as I am now retired (talking of which I've worked every day this week, putting in a 9 hour day on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, plus entertaining in the evening!), and before I go starting new thing, here are some of the old stuff I'd like to finish first

1, 2 and 3 Butterflies,butterflies and more s****ing butterflies

I am making two seat pads and a table runner for a friend.  Today I finished sewing all the blocks together for the seat pads, so they just need the border, quilting and binding.  The butterflies for the runner are made, but still flying free!
I hope to get these finished, or I may need a new friend!

4. Medallion quilt

I started to paper piece a star for the centre of a medallon quilt, but then other sewing became the priority, so it's been languishing at the bottom of the pile.  Hopefully  can make some progress, although a finish seems unlikely.

5 Time for tea

Way back in the mists of time, my friends in the Sew Euro-bee-an bee made me lots of Tea cups so that I could make "All that and the hatter" from Sarah Fielke's book

I am now so close to finishing.  I only have about 3 more cups to hand quilt, then the border, then the binding and I'm done.  This one will definitely be finished
6.  Mark's Socks
Not Marks and Spencer's socks, these are for a friend Mark.  They made progress over Christmas, but I've slowed down a bit as I quilt the cups.   I think he'd like them before next winter!

and finally

7.  Quilty stitches

I started this last summer, but find it hard to do in winter when the light isn't good enough for me to see the tiny holes and stitches, especially with the cream thread.   I am going to take this away with me as a holiday project.

That's the haul for me for Q1 2015.  The FAL has a new host this year, so thanks for Adrianne at On the WIndy Side for taking on such a hard job.

06 January 2015

Begone, 2014

Finish Along 2014

I am so happy with my finishes in the Q$ FAL.  I wanted to finish 7 things, and actually finished 5.  I have already blogged them all, and,  rather than repeat myself here is a quick run through, with links to the original post

September Blue (or Pink?)

Diamond Ganseys

Little Quilts Swap

Life on the ocean wave

Turning Japanese

I missed out on finishing the two seat pads for my friend, so those will be carried forward to Q1 2015.
I'm sneaking in at the 11th hour, hours before the FAL party closes, so please forgive for the brevity of this post!  Oh and I'm also brain dead today!  Thanks though to Katy for hosting the FAL in 2014.  I'm sure she didn't realise how much hard work it would be.  Looking forward to finding out who will be doing it in 2015!

02 January 2015

A fresh start

2015 marks a new phase of our lives.  We have now sold our company (well, I assume so as we haven't heard anything to the contrary from the solicitors!) so we are now free agents.  Gone is the responsibility attached to running your own business, the main thing being maintaining the jobs, and therefore livelihoods, of 18 people.

2014 went out with a bit of a fizzle, rather than a bang.  We never do anything on New Years Eve, and I always moan about it, so this year Gordon planned a nice meal and wine tasting in the big city (brno) and an overnight stop in a fancy hotel

 Long story short, Gordon fell over in the snow in the afternoon, could hardly walk and was in quite a bit of pain, and I made it through to the second course of an 8 course meal with a stinking headache, before feeling ill and not eating any more (The creamy chestnut soup was the killer!).  So we left before pud, and were in bed by 11:00!  I certainly got my money's worth from the bathroom, if not the bed!

New Years day was thus a quiet affair, spent in front of the fire in jim-jams, watching films and getting on with quilting my tea cups quilt.  I guess I've done about 2/3 of it, and my quilting has improved vastly from the start (around the cups) to the latter stages!   Although I still have issues with even stitch length and keeping a straight line.  Lets call it organic shall we?

We have been asked several times, what are we going to do with our extra time, now we are retired.  More sewing doesn't seem to be a satisfactory answer for most people!  We have no specific plans, but I do intend to try and get a little fitter, and lose some of this weight that has appeared from nowhere these last few months.  And we will see what opportunities present themselves!  You never know, I might even blog a bit more often!

So, Happy 2015 to everyone - I hope it's good to you and that your wishes come true