30 September 2013

Bad Blogger

I'm ashamed to say that it's been over two weeks since I last posted! I've never gone that long before.   Since the beginning of summer I have found it increasingly harder to set aside the time to blog - both writing and reading blogs.   Blogging, and all the associated things like photo editing, pinterest, flickr, IG, all suck up  precious time.  I have actually got back into reading, which was one of the things that suffered because of blogging. It's also given me more time sewing, which is what I want to be doing.  Having said all that, I actually don't want to stop blogging, as I have made so many friends, and find it does spark off the creative ideas, so here's the plan

1.  I'm going to spring clean my reading list, and un-follow the one's that I usually pass over anyway

2.  I will try to plan my posts for the week ahead, make then shorter and more concise

3.  I will take part in Blogtoberfest again, to kick start my enthusiasm.

That's about it actually.  Does anyone else have any good tips for me?  What worked for you when you had lost your blogging mojo?

The other reason for not posting these last two weeks, is that we've been away a fair bit.   We were back in the UK for a wedding in the Cotswolds.  It was a beautiful happy wedding, with a vintage theme.  The weather was a bit naff, but the sun did come out for the photos thankfully.

We also popped up to our house in Herefordshire to check out the new septic tank

Exciting isn't it!

And called in at our old local for a sunday roast!

Then last weekend we collected friends from the airport in prague and headed to the north of Czech, to explore unknown territories.

We visited the town of Hermanice, which was devastated by a flood in 2010.  Gordon drove up with a car load of scouts to help out at the time, and he wanted to re-visit it to see how they were getting on.  He helped a family whose whole house had been washed away, including the foundations.

It all looked very different now to what it did then though, in the chaos, and he just couldn't pinpoint where he had been working.  Here's a few photos of the reconstruction, which is still going on..

We walked over the border from Czech to Poland

And what this man is supposed to be doing, I have no idea!
We're back home again now thank goodness (I do love my home).  So stick with me won't you, and we'll see if I can get back on track with the blogging!

11 September 2013


You never know what the weather will be like here in September.  Sunday was in the high 20's - warm, sunny, calm.  Then I woke up on Monday to cold, wet and windy, so I started sewing. I had no other commitments - work, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc, so I stayed in my sewing room all day.  And just for once, everything I did was good!   No bad cutting, so over-sized/undersized blocks, no crappy seams, no mis matched fabrics.  It doesn't happen very often, so whilst it did, I carried on sewing.

I made a block for Sigrun in our Euro Siblings Together Bee

I made a vintage dress mini quilt from a pattern by Charise Randall

I made a Sara Fielke block for a quilt which I am hoping to complete along with Jitka  and Vera   ready for the Patchwork Meeting in Prague in April 2014  - it should rattle their traditional quilting cages a little!

Please note, the handle is needle turned applique and  this is the first ever bit of needle turn applique I have done.   Whilst it's not perfect, it's not bad!!

And I pieced the back for this quilt (nameless)

Can you believe it,  I not only did this all in a day, but nothing went wrong.  Nothing.  At all.
Oh and I took the dogs for a walk, made lunch, ate dinner (which Gordon made) and chatted to Di until our bandwidth gave up.

Still to do

Bind the Vintage dress mini quilt  and make some hanging corners

Baste the nameless quilt, quilt it, bind it.

Make another Mug or two.

And a zillion other things................................

Linking up with Lee's Work in progress Wednesday,  

06 September 2013

A slow week

I feel like this week has passed by without actually achieving anything much.  Gordon would say that's not a problem, you don't always have to achieve something. But I like to have something concrete to show for my week.

I started off on Saturday cutting for a new project.  From the moment I got my "Hand Quilting with love" book by Sarak Fielke, I wanted to make this quilt

I've spent the summer collecting fabrics

Liberty bought in London for the diamond centres

For the diamond points
For the background

I was going to cut everything into strips first, starting with my precious Liberty lawn. I got on to cutting for the diamonds for the tips, and thankfully checked the templates.  There was no way a 3 1/4 inch diamond would fit onto a 2 5/8 inch strip.  So I checked on the internet for errata and sure enough, it says all the templates are wrong. Blind panic set in, that I might have had cut all the Liberty fabric wrong.  So I mailed Sarah direct and she finally came back to me yesterday to give me the corrections.  Thankfully the first template and fabric size were OK, and thankfully I hadn't gone any further!  Sarah was very apologetic, and has had many problems with the editing of this book.  So if you plan to make anything, check the errata first.  Not something I would have thought to do before, but will in future!

But whilst I was waiting, I did make my Stitch Tease blocks for Hadley for September.  She asked for two Scrap vomit blocks, made from low volume fabrics.   My first thought was aaaggghh, my stash of low volume is not huge, but Hadley made a very good point.  Low volume doesn't mean beige and cream.  She actually wanted colours in there, and in the end I found plenty.   No brown of course!

I hope these make the grade Hadley

I did struggle a bit with the pinks, but I think they are OK in the end.

In trying to find all these low volume fabrics, I was prompted to tidy my scrap bag

I didn't finish, but it's a lot smaller now, so maybe the week wasn't entirely wasted!

01 September 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Is that it now?  Summer is over?   We've had a roasting August with temperatures up to 40 degrees when my three sister in law were here at the beginning of August.  Thank goodness for the pool!

We bobbed a lot

 Sat and watched a fantastic thunderstorm

 I fmq'd a quilt Bridget had made, because she chickened out of it, but she does the next one herself!

 And we grovelled on the floor and basted the blue beast

I made a few bee blocks

For Annabella

 For Nicolette
 For Jennifer (unfinished because I forgot to order the backing fabric!)

My biggest finish was the Blue Lagoon

And my littlest finish was this little thread catcher

And last but not least, I pickled an awful lot of onions!

That's it for August.    And what of September?  I have already started cutting for new quilt, but the templates in the book are wrong, so I'm stalled now until I get the right ones.  I guess I could find a few bits and bobs floating around waiting to get finished!

For those that came to see me from Lynnes Fresh Sewing Day, thanks for calling in and  I hope you enjoyed my whistle stop tour or August.