29 April 2012

Super slow Supernova

I've had the whole day to myself, as Gordon has been in Prague on a cricket coaching course.  I'ta  bit bizarre, but the English Cricket Board has given out grants to promote cricket amongst Czech schools.  Gordon had to give up his cricket coaching when we moved from the UK, but hopefully, he has found a niche over here.  If we lived in Prague, he could play cricket every week, but we're about 3 hours away, so it's just that bit too far!

Anyway, I started the day by playing with some ideas for the swap at the Fat Quarter Retreat (another day, another post), then I moved on to an old friend, the Supernove quilt.  I really want to get this one out of the way now, it's been hanging around far too long.  I now have 7 out of 9 blocks, and just need to make my mind up what colours to do for the final 2 blocks.  I find it does help to take photos and look at them together

Grey top centre, orange top right

Grey top centre, pink top right

Orange top centre,  pink middle right

Those are the choices.    What do you think?

28 April 2012

Please Mr Postman

Could you deliver this name tag to my secret partner ready for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in June

I started off with the idea of a luggage label, but there was very little opportunity for embelishment.   But it did give me the idea of making a letter to my partner - complete with frank and postage stamp.   

I am rather challenged these days in the eysight department, and this is quite small so whilst it's not perfect, it's the best I can manage!  You can't see the name, for obvious reasons, but I FMQ's it and it's come out really well. 

I had several collie-wobbles about it over the last few weeks and nearly ditched it for something else.  But I was persuaded to keep it, and in the end, I'm rather pleased with it.  The embroidery is a bit wobbly, and I didn't leave enough border around the edge, but I hope my partner will like it.  

Here's a close up

I just couldn't manage to stitch around the queens head!

It attaches using a magnet so no pins to spoil anyone's clothes.  In a previous life I had to wear a name badge, which for some reason (not sentimental I can assure you) I kept when I left the job.   I knew it would come in useful one day.  

So it's off in the post on Monday to my secret partner.  I look forward to meeting you in person, very soon!

25 April 2012

The Sock Challenge Part 2 - the sock that turned

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to see how the heel went so here it is. 


There it is in all it's glory.   It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be - it's rather like shaping the nose on the scarey teddy comforter I made last year.

It was just a case of following the instructions, and fortunately, I came out with the right number of stitches at the end of it.  I think it turned out rather well, and I have a very slight warm glow of achievement!

There's not a lot you can do photography- wise with a half sock, so I just zoomed in on it

and again

so all you heel-turning experts can examine it close up.   And now I continue toe-wards when the next exciting episode will document the toe shaping and closing!

24 April 2012

Winter Stitching list - final head-count


Winter is offically over now, so here's my review of my activities this winter.    It's a long list so I hope you are comfortable!

  1. Finish the Table Runner for the Modern Christmas Table Runner swap, plus a little Christmas decoration 
          Done - pleased with the finished item and even more pleased with the one I received !


2.   Finish Sherbet Pips quilt - boys version for my friend's daughter 
      Done - baby arrived a month early but managed to finish it by the original due date

3.   Make a girlie Sherbet Pips in anticipation of two babies due next year - Yes, but made for a friend in Prague. 

 But I  h made this instead for the baby which was born in February

 My nephews baby is due next Tuesday and this is their quilt so far

I made this from the fabric I bought for the recently deceased Farmer's Wife quilt.  A much better use don't you think?

4.   Make a "Pay it Forward" gift for my partner - I  Done

5.   Make a Supernova Quilt for a friend, using Hope Valley.
Mmm well, this is moving slowly, but I have made 6 out of the 9 stars and it's looking lovely

6.  Finish a cardigan for myself.  This is a long term, sitting in front of the telly, winter project.  No progress and I don't like it much now either!

7.    Crochet a romper suit for my friends daughter - a holiday project.  Started it , and ran out of wool.  I couldn't get any more so I had frog it to change it to a stripey jumper, which I only have to sew together but as Ruaori is now 6 months old it won't fit him!

8.    Knit or crochet a couple of hats for another friends daughter who apparently has a big head!   Also a holiday project.  Nope

9.    Make some new cushion covers for the lounge, including a cathedral windows cushion .  Done.  Hoorah, and I won a prize in Rhonda's  FAL

10.  Make a bag - tote sized - Nope

11.  Make something with a zip - Done.  My partner loved it and I have half written a tutorial

12.  Make a tunic top using the Shearwater  pattern from "Make it Perfect" Nope, but I have part made a skirt which I forgot to write on the list in the first place.  But then I've lost weight and it's too big, so I won't ever finish it!

13.  Make some small things to improve my basic sewing skills - bags, baskets, a dog lead. etc etc.I made a pillow and a scarf for my friends for Christmas, and a bag for a friend for her birthday.  And I've been practicing paper pieceing

14.  Make a quilt for our bed - maybe, just maybe, join in a bee to accomplish this.  - Yes - I joined the Stitch Tease Mystery Bee.  Here is my first block

15.  Quilt or crochet a blanket for a friend in Oz who is due to have her baby in April. - The baby is born!  The Stained quilt has been cut out, but I can't make my mind up about the sashing.  The other option was the crocheted African flowers, which is making progress but not finished either!

16.  Keep practicing my FMQ, doing my weekly homework with Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting
I did carry this on until it finished in December, but not since
17.  Learn a little more about Blogger and update my blog with a new look.  Well I have given my blog a bit of a face-lift but I'm stuck now and can't finish it how I want to.  I keep reading a bit more here and there and will get it finished one day!

Other things, not on the original list. 

  • I have killed off the Farmers wife
  • I made a pot holder as a giveaway for my blogiversary
  • I have taken up sock knitting
Not a bad winter really.  Hop over to Fairy Face designs to see how everyone else is doing

23 April 2012

Stitch Tease - Month 2

My first block for the Strip Tease Bee was for myself, but now I have to make my first block (or strip actually) for someone else!   The first month it's for Hadley and she wanted a strip of varying sized rectangles or squares in mostly Teal, Aqua, Orange, Green, Blue and Grey with no repeats if possible.   This did stretch my stash to the limits, and I had ordered a few fat quarters in with this in mind, but I managed it - to Hadley's tastes I hope.

Now as this is a mystery bee, Hadley hasn't got to see what I've done until right at the end when she gets the sewn together quilt top.   So taking photos that won't give too much away has been a bigger challenge than making it!

So here goes - Hadley, squint or stick your fingers in your ears and "laa laa" or something!

It's OK to show the Scallop fabric as this is my "signature" fabric and will go in everybodies block.

And now for the (not very) arty shot

So it's all ready to go to the person who will eventually piece the quilt top.  I just need to check who that it, and what else has to go with it.   And of course, what I have to do next month!

21 April 2012

Time to vote

Recognise this?

No it's not mine! No, mine is still in plastic bags on our spare bed.  This is the original stained quilt from Sarah.

She's entered it into this week's Quilting Gallery contest.   I loved this quilt from the first time it appeared on her blog.  So if it's one of your favourites too, then hop over and give her your vote.  There are loads of others too, and you do get 7 votes. Voting closes Sunday evening.