29 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've tried to get a move on with my projects before I get busy in the garden.  I'm also away for a few days in March.  But I don't seem to have got very far.

New projects

I've not started any new projects, but I have joined in with Katy's Foundation paper piecing for the terrified, and have produced this

remarkably easily.  I'll certainly carry this on, with the eventual aim of doing the New York Star.


Cathedral windows cushion  - It's sashed but now I have no zip!   I'm not making a special trip just for one zip, so it'll have to wait until I go that way again.

Supernova - another star completed and more cutting out done.

Tutorial for zippy mouch - I'm making good progress, but everything's halted now waiting for my husband to return from a 2 day trip, so that he can cut out the vinyl  flooring I used as a stiffener.  I really can't be trusted with a sharp knife!  This is how far I've got

Stained QAL - I've finally ordered the sashing!  I've been so indecisive about what to order.  In the end i've gone for the safe bet, Charcoal.  I really would've liked to go with tangerine, but I think it would've been too much.


I've finished the Melly and Mee Quilt and taken it off to it's new home, where it was well received.

No progress

Skirt for me - since starting this just ater Christmas, I've lost weight and dropped at lease one dress size.  I know this skirt will not fit me now!.  A nice position to be in, but I will have to take it apart and start again.

Farmers wife
Sherbet pips - girlie quilt.
Small purse


Completed projects -2
New Projects - 1
Currently in progress -8

Hop on over to Freshly pieced to see what everyone else is doing.

27 February 2012

Paper pieceing for the terrified.

I've had one or two goes at foundation paper piecing which turned out pretty well, but I did get very confused with the upside down, back to front, thing.  And I was not really sure if I was doing it properly.  So I decided to join in with Katy's Foundation paper piecing for the terrified, and learn the right way of doing it.

The first week was a block called simple courthouse steps, and here's what the finished article looked like

I sort of lost the point of the courhouse steps by doing scrappy, and it was only by chance that I got 3/4 of the word kindness.  Shame I didn't think about that.  But it is only a practice.

And look how neat the back is!

I know this paper piecing drives some folk to distraction, but I actually really like it.  I love the way everything turns out so neat and precise. 

And I love tearing the paper off too!

There is a flickr group, so you can have a look, see how everyone else is getting along.

26 February 2012

A bit of a day

Yesterday I had what I'd call a bitty day.  I didn't achieve anything major, but I did lots of bits of things.

First of all we took one of my quilts to it's new home.   I finished my Melly and me quilt this week.

I decided to give this one to the new girl in town, Erika.  I was in two minds because it was a bit blue in the end, but it is such a bright quilt, I hope she'll forgive me!

The when we got home, I did a bit of baking.  It's my birthday on Friday so I will take some cakes in to work, and I like to make English cakes for the girls.

Then I waxed and polished my hall table.

Unfortunately, when I put that nice vase of tulips on it in the week, it must have been wet and stained the table top.  Polishing has reduced the stain a bit, but it's still there - you can just see it.  It will however, be in good company as there are loads of other marks on it.  It gets a lot of abuse, being in the hall.

Then I made a bit of progress on the tutorial for the zippy pouch I made for the Mouthy stitches swap.

And then I must admist I had a snooze on the settee whilst the rugby was on!

Then I made dinner - tuna with cous-cous.

And then, last but not least I did this

Woo hoo!    I booked my place at the Fat Quarterly retreat in London in June!     I have watched just about everyone I know in blogland book for this event over the last few months, and have wavered indicisively between being frugal (we have quite a lot of expense coming up this year) and thinking oh What The Hell, you only come this way once.  Finally, last week, I was beginning to think I was the only person in the whole world not going, and What The Hell won out!   I also have also put in my booking form for a room, and today I will book some flights.   So, I'll be seeing you all there!  How long is it?